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I am Enough. And so it begins.

-photo by Brene Brown

I have been a self-improvement junkie for most of my life; vigilant about getting to the bottom of my “issues”, digging deep to better understand myself, reading every book written to inspire personal growth, incessantly working on becoming a better person, etc, etc.  Although I had let go of trying to be “perfect” I was still striving to be better. Always better. Never quiet enough.

During one of the most trying summers to date (just last summer) I was struck with soul exhaustion. I hit my own personal rock bottom. I realized that I had worn myself out living the hustle to become better.

Light. Bulb. Moment.

A few days after my personal epiphany, and still not quite sure what to do with myself, I traveled north to the healing coast of Oregon to meet up with some cherished girlfriends. As sweet synchronicity would have it, the gracious Katherine Center brought her magic paints and offered to paint us each up with words of love and empowerment over the weekend. I knew immediately what had to be done to set the record straight once and for all. I knew exactly what my words would be and where they had to go.

Despite knowing what I needed to do I felt afraid, vulnerable and exposed. Was I really ready for this? Being clear on these points in my head was one thing, carrying them in my heart was something entirely different. I knew it would be easy but I knew there was no half way to worthiness. It was all or nothing. And I couldn’t go back to nothing.

If it wasn’t for the support, courage, strength, wisdom, encouragement, acceptance, kindness, understanding and love of those amazing women I was surrounded by on that day in Oregon I’m not sure I could have owned my truth quite like this. But, the Universe in all its wisdom gave me the time and place to come clean and bare my chest with the truth I have longed for my whole life. The truth that I couldn’t live without for one more minute.

The resolve I felt that afternoon was one of the most powerful experiences I have had to date. The words. The photographs. The witnesses. The feeling (both on my skin and in my soul). All real. All true. All mine.

And following the days, weeks, months since that day, I have realized that I am not alone; that being enough as we are right now, today, as is, is hard for most women to really acknowledge and yet, it’s the key to living our best lives. This is exactly why I want to invite you to join me in the I am Enough Collaborative. I can only hope that by sharing images and stories of worthiness and self-kindness that we can each embrace our own enoughness.

It’s no accident that I chose to kick off the I am Enough Collaborative along side Brene Brown’s Week of Worthiness. Spending time over there this week will help you get into the frame of mind that you are worthy NOW. That’s an awesome place to be! Plus you could win one of Brene’s new DVDs, The Hustle for Worthiness. Good stuff!

Me? I’ll be excavating pictures and collecting words that embody the I am Enough message so that I can share them with you here. And I’ll be revealing the many ways you can get in on the action all week long as we stand together and shout it from the mountain tops, I AM ENOUGH.


A Week of Worthiness

I'm so excited to be launching this feature tomorrow in conjunction with Brene Brown's Week of Worthiness. Who knows, I may even give away a copy of Brene's new DVD.

Be sure to join in this week over at Ordinary Courage as we celebrate how amazing we are, as we are!

See you back here tomorrow for the first official post of the I am Enough Collaborative.


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