in the bag


All the images here on my blog have been shot with either my...

Canon 60D

Canon 5D (which Canon has since replaced with the glorious 5D Mark II in which I would one day hope to have in my bag too)

 or a Canon Rebel XT (a great camera to start out with)

with my favorite lens, the Canon Compact Macro 50mm f/2.5

or my second favorite, the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8.

And if the image looks particularly dreamy or surreal, chances are I used my beloved Lensbaby Composer with the Super-Wide conversion lens. I love it!

For the vintage square images that are usually pretty grainy and out of focus, I am shooting ttv (or "through the viewfinder" of my adorable antique Spartus Full Vue. She's a peach.

To edit my images I use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements.

I have a PhotoJojo Seat Belt Camera Strap (awesome) and a totally amazing Epiphanie camera bag (double awesome).

I am madly in love with my iPhone 4 and use it to capture so much of my daily life. My favorite app is Instragram which I use 90% of the time to edit my iPhone images with a single click. My most recent purchase is the Olloclip for my iPhone that gives me a macro, wide angle and fisheye option. What's not to love?

And of course, I am rarely without my new Shutter Sisters necklace.

I use additional equipment if I need it (flashes, reflectors and such) but for the most part, I travel light.