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goodness is growing

At the EVO conference last week, the awesome Devi Thomas of Shot@Life announced something spectacular. I am so honored to be a part of it and I want to invite you to join us in this very special blog relay for good.

Announcing the Blogust 2012.


For each comment you leave on one of the 31 bloggers posts in August, $20 gets donated by sponsors of Shot@Life. That means that you have the potential of giving $620 to Shot@Life just with your comments alone. That's the equivalent to you giving 31 children the life-saving vaccines that they need to get the shot at life they so deserve. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel so hopeful and so proud to be a part of such a growing wave of goodness.

Interested in hearing more about my first trip to EVO? I shared some highlights and more about the wave of goodness on the Shot@Life blog. It was an amazing trip!

And speaking of goodness, have you been keeping up with the I am Enough Collaborativethis month? Such inspiring stories by such brave women! Be sure to get your dose of enoughness while you're here.

SO, what's feeling good in your world this week?


collective energy

It's been an inspiring week of making a difference together. The Shot@Life inspired #shot4shot project has been a huge success with shot after shot of amazing images that have helped raise awareness around this vital cause.

Personally, I have been inspired by the power (and satisfaction) of working together on this with so many great people. The further I travel down this crazy awesome super-highway (you know the one I'm talking about) the more I see my worlds all coming together in ways I could have never seen coming. From meeting and working with amazing activists at the Shot@Life summit, to collaborating with Kristen, to gathering friends both online and in real life to support the cause, to working closely with my teen-age daughter (Teens 4 Vaccines has been officially launched on Facebook), I have been delighted and inspired by how much good can come from togetherness. It's not that I haven't known it all along, but sometimes the power of it all takes my breath away. The money we've been raising is awesome and it affords more children with the vaccines they need!

Thanks to Paper Coterie, Epiphanie Bags, Shutter Sisters, and Green Mountain Coffee for their donations. Thanks to Big Picture Classesfor donating a percentage of Picture Black & White registrations to Shot@Life and thanks for Mom It Forward for their feature today. And last but not least, thanks to all of YOU. All of this support is deeply appreciated!

Today is the last day to participate in #shot4shot if you want a shot at the excellent prizes we are giving away. Don't forget to tag your coffee inspired images #shot4shot & #vaccineswork. We will be announcing the winners of all the amazing prizes this week as a thank you for joining us in raising our collective voices; vaccines work and all children everywhere deserve a shot at living a healthy life!

Please don't forget to shoot us an email if you participated in #shot4shot. I don't want you to miss out on the complimentary photo journal, courtesy of Paper Coterie. Today is the last day to submit a link via email.

I'd love to see your favorite shot from this past week. After all, among everything else, it's Best Shot Monday.


A serenade of childhood


Every child deserves a shot at learning childhood songs and every mother deserves a shot at hearing her child sing them.

Please join me and my friends in supporting Shot@Life! For some ways to get involved this week, check out the #Shot4Shot project. To donate please visit our Shot@Life crowdrise page.

Disclaimer: I should have done something about those bangs before I hit record.

Share the milestones today (bad haircuts and all) that mean the most to you.


giving kids a shot at life

One child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine. Can you imagine? Most of us can’t. But, that’s because we have access to the vaccines that keep our children safe from diseases that kill so many children in developing countries. How do we get these kids the vaccines that can save their lives? We support the people that work tirelessly on behalf of the mothers and the children that need it most. We advocate for the campaigns that focus on protecting children everywhere from preventable diseases.

The impact of immunization is powerful. Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives, improve health and ensure long-term prosperity. I am honored to be a champion for the United Nations Foundation’s  Shot@Life campaign—to help raise awareness about the importance of global immunizations and ensure that we decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give children a shot at a healthy life.

This week is Global Immunization Week and the official launch of Shot@Life. To kick off this important campaign, I am thrilled to be partnering with another Shot@Life champion, my friend  Kristen Doyle in hosting what we’re calling #Shot4Shot. This is where advocacy gets creative, effective, social & fun!

#mymugshot + #shotofcoffee = #shot4shot

CREATIVE: You are invited to join us for a week of coffee, creativity & giving kids a shot at life!  All week long we encourage you to share your mug shots (#mymugshot) of your morning shot of coffee (#shotofcoffee) with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and/or your blog. We cannot wait to see the images you capture and share with us for #Shot4Shot.

EFFECTIVE:  By brewing our coffee and steeping our tea in the comfort of our own home, you save time & money. We ask that you contemplate how much cash you spend of coffee out and about and consider donating that money you won’t be spending this week to making a huge difference in the lives of kids that need a shot at a healthy life.

SOCIAL: This week, we’re making #Shot4Shot a social endeavor! Whether that means sharing your participation through your social networks. The object is to turn our shots into shots by raising awareness about Shot@Life. 

I will be co-hosting the Shot @ Life Twitter party on launch day, Thursday 4/26 at 9am EST. Won't you join me?

And speaking of social, why not gather some friends together for a coffee date this week. It’s a perfect excuse to catch up with friends AND make a difference.  I’m hosting a #shot4shot gathering on Friday morning. The more collective energy we get behind us this week, the better. I’m envisioning a collective coffee meet ups this week (in person and online) where we can clink our cups, click our shots, and converse about how we can help give kids the shot at life they deserve!

FUN: Yes, it gets even better. We’ve got prizes from awesome sponsors! At the end of the week Kristen and I will be randomly choosing six shots from the #Shot4Shot participants to receive one of the following fab gifts, courtesy of our #Shot4Shot supporters:

  1. Big Picture Classes is offering away a complimentary spot in my next photo workshop Picture Black & White. And by the way, 10% of your registration fee goes directly to Shot@Life! So even if you don’t win but you register anyway, it’s a win/win. YAY!!
  2. We’ve got a limited edition Shot@Life Messenger bag. It’s adorable and awesome.
  3. Shutter Sisters is offering up a signed copy of Expressive Photography.
  4. Ephiphanie Bags has donated one of their coveted camera bags. Squeee!
  5. Keurig is giving away a coffee brewing system. Super-yum.
  6. Paper Coterie has offered a $100 gift card. Love their stuff.

AWESOME BONUS: I know, can you beleive this? Paper Coterie wants to help us thank all of you who choose to participate by givng every single person who shares a #Shot4Shot image this week a lovely photo journal. What better way to feature your own favorite photograph from the week? You help us spread awareness AND you get a gift. It's just so awesome.

We cannot wait to celebrate Shot @ Life with #Shot4Shot this week with all of you!


*We would love for the Uinted Nations Foundation and all of their incredible partners to feel the Shot @ Life love this week. Please visit Shot @ Life on facebook and give them a like for us.

*If you beleive in giving kids a shot at a healthy life, like we do, please visit the Shot @ Life website and take the pledge! Your support helps so much.

*To donate to the Shot @ Life Campaign, please visit our Crowdrise page. The money you save by brewing your own coffee at home could give a needed vaccine to a child who wouldn't otherwise get it. And a donation of only $20 gives one child ALL the vaccines they need for a shot at a healthy life. Only $20.

*Beyond the #Shot4Shot hashtag (and if you're so inclined the #mymugshot and/or #shotofcoffe) please use the hashtag #vaccineswork so all that we share together is on the radar of all of the other people out there looking to give kids a shot at a healty life. There's going to be a lot of them! How cool is that?

*For your Paper Coterie journal code, all you need to do is send us an email with a link to at least one of your #Shot4Shot submissions and we will send you your code. Woohoo! Journal codes will go out following the #Shot4Shot week festivities.

Thank you so much! It's going to be a great week!


things I'm excited about


I have written a million blog posts in my mind over the past few weeks. About what's been happening with me. About my thoughts and musings on a number of different things. About projects and people and politics and photography. Alas, time seems to be moving faster than ever and I just can't seem to get it down on paper, er, blog post.

Because my list is growing every day, it's time I just share a simple list of all the things I'm excited about. That way, I get all the good stuff out there. Good begets good and we can always use more good. Am I right?

So here goes...my list of things I'm excited about (written in no particular order):

Shot@Life : My family and I are thrilled to be champions for this critical campaign. You'll be hearing much more from me on this as we approach World Immunization Week. For now, please visit the website and take the pledge to join me in supporting a cause focused on giving all kids a shot at a healthy life! Photo featured above was from our trip to Washington DC with the United Nations Foundation learning about the campaign. What a trip!

Shutter Sisters Oasis : Registration is open for our next Shutter Sisters event. Seriously, I can not wait until October. I hope you can join us!

Picture Black and White : I'm leading another class in the Picture Series at Big Picture Classes in May! I am super excited. It's been a while! It's a 30 prompt/60 day class and a percentage of the registration fee goes to benefit the Shot @ Life campaign!

Picture Color (self-paced) : Happy to announce that Picture Color is now being offered as a self-paced class. You can sign up anytime and start receiving daily prompts of colorful goodness. A great way to spend the spring with your camera.

Two Takes: This class I've been teaching with Bindu Wiles has been inspiring and enlightening. To share the process of not only presenting the prompts but also playing along with an intimate group of stellar women has been awesome. I have been loving it. (registration in now closed)

Spring Break in Mexico : Our annual trip to beautiful Baja Mexico is coming soon. The whole family is counting down the days.

Mirror Mirror : Awesome movie (just read my story at Disney Sisters). Super-fun Red Carpet premiere. Totally love that I had no idea at the time of seeing the film that an old friend of mine produced it. Hello. How hilarious and awesome is that?

Sierra : My new favorite Instagram edit.

Peanut Butter Cheerios : I am in love. For real.

How about you? Have you got your own list of what you're excited about? I'd love to hear all about it!