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The evolution of enough

I remember very clearly those few moments right before I had these words painted directly on my chest. Every cell in my body was heightened. There was a clenching in my stomach and a tightening all around my throat. I knew it was a huge risk to state something that held such power, such certainty, such self-assuredness. What would it mean? What would people think? Was I really so sure? Regardless the questions racing through my head,  I knew that I had a chance to claim something for myself; something I desperately needed and so at that very moment—as they say—I felt the fear and did it anyway. And then in the next few hours that followed, I felt confident, sure and unshakeable. I had three little words like a shield protecting me from anything that might hurled my way at a time of such vulnerability. And I had a supportive and loving sisterhood around me. For a while I felt invincible.

That was just over two years ago. A lot can happen over two years. I’ve stretched and grown into my enoughness. I have been joined by a chorus of amazing, beautiful, diverse, courageous and strong voices. I have been questioned and pushed and yes, rattled. I have been broken down and I have been built back up. Both of my own doing and also at the hand of others. I have waxed and waned but through it all, even during my darkest nights, I come back to the three words that set me free and illuminated every part of my soul.

This place, this thing, this way of being isn’t the end of the road. The journey is long. This is a process. A practice. Or perhaps best said, an evolution. I will feel strong in the truth of my own enoughness on some days and I won’t on others. That’s OK. Because I do know that no matter what, I am who I am and I Am Enough. 


It's been quite some time since anyone has shared their story at the Self-Kindness Collaborative. It makes it that much sweeter to have a beautiful story from the amazing Meredith Winn to stoke the fires of enoughness today as we open up the doors to sharing more stories and celebrating being enough.

If you would like to share your story on the I am Enough Collaborative please send me an email. It would be an honor to hear from you. If you are here from the NOW YOU Workshop, welcome. I'm so glad you've come. I look forward to hearing from all of you eager to declare that you are enough. Because, you most certainly are.


me being me

In handing my 13-year-old daughter my new iphone and teaching her the basics of Hipstamatic, I was evoking magic. With her creative flair and a brand new muse, I knew she'd manage create something wonderful and have a blast doing it. That's the way it goes with kids. They see the world through fresh eyes; excitement, wonder, curiosity, unbridled enthusiasm for anything and everything that crosses their path. No plan, no worry, no hesitation. 

The above photo is one of the images she captured that afternoon that stopped me in my tracks. I had no idea she even took it which is probably why this might be the most authentic image of me ever captured.

Me in my daily life. Me in motion. Me in my routine. Me as mother. Me in my mini-van. Me in my aviators, ponytail, t-shirt and jeans. Me as who I truly am.

I've been slow to post here lately I know. And that's because I'm busy; exploring, engaging, experimenting, working, creating, mothering, living and best of all, being me.

I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. I'd love to hear what you've been doing lately. My guess is, much of the same. That's the beauty of this living thing...we are all in it together.

If you haven't kept up with the I am Enough Collaborative lately, I encourage you to spend a little time over there. The stories of insight and courage are amazing and more proof that as we write and play out our life stories, we are not alone.