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Thoughts on Being There

I am so inspired by the post from Kristin at Shutter Sisters today. About how important it is that we, as camera wielding women, include ourselves in the pictures of our lives. If we hold the camera, then we carry with that the responsibility to turn it around and reveal ourselves. Who we are as women. Who we are as creative beings. Who we are as mothers or daughters or sisters or wives.

In my soon-coming book, Elevate the Everyday: a Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, I included a running thread throughout the chapters called Your Story. Kristin's post today reminded me of  these lines in my book;

Forget the tired eyes, extra pounds, and bad hair days. All that matters is that you are using your camera to bear witness to your being there...

Have you turned your camera toward you lately? Do you have proof of being there? I encourage you to to give yourself (and your family) the gift of seeing you.