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In celebration of brave hearts


We usually celebrate the obvious things. Markers and milestones that are festive and fun (like birthdays and other big events) but sometimes there are things to celebrate that are happening below the surface. A shifting of something with in us, a private accomplishment, a personal decision we make for ourselves, the start of something new as we let go of something we no longer need (literally or figuratively).  Whatever it might be, I think it’s time we celebrate it.

When our internal struggles finally come to resolution through stretching, growing, clarity or letting go, it can be life-changing.  And even still, we choose not to share them. We downplay them.  We don’t mark the importance. But, these things deep within us?  They are worthy of celebration. We might not feel compelled to wear a crown or make a public declaration, but we can certainly choose to do something that marks the moment of something that is worth celebrating.

Whether we share it with the world (which can be really scary but often necessary and satisfying) or keep it to ourselves, it’s time we celebrate who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going and all the awesomely brave things we do along the way. Today, I urge you to look within yourself and discover what is longing to be celebrated.

Taking a risk? Completing something? Starting something? Opening yourself up? Declaring your enoughness? Stretching yourself? Sharing something vulnerable? Speaking your mind? Sharing your art? Seeking help? Letting go? Moving on? Taking care of yourself? Dreaming big? Making plans? Making a change? Challenging yourself?

I hold in my heart celebration for all of the courageous things we do everyday. It’s time to celebrate!

If you’d like to share something you’d like to celebrate, I encourage you to leave a comment here. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind and in your brave heart.