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r & r

Just flying in from a few days in heaven, my heart and my head are still there. Something tells me it might take a while to come back down to earth.

How did you spend your spring break?


things I'm excited about


I have written a million blog posts in my mind over the past few weeks. About what's been happening with me. About my thoughts and musings on a number of different things. About projects and people and politics and photography. Alas, time seems to be moving faster than ever and I just can't seem to get it down on paper, er, blog post.

Because my list is growing every day, it's time I just share a simple list of all the things I'm excited about. That way, I get all the good stuff out there. Good begets good and we can always use more good. Am I right?

So here goes...my list of things I'm excited about (written in no particular order):

Shot@Life : My family and I are thrilled to be champions for this critical campaign. You'll be hearing much more from me on this as we approach World Immunization Week. For now, please visit the website and take the pledge to join me in supporting a cause focused on giving all kids a shot at a healthy life! Photo featured above was from our trip to Washington DC with the United Nations Foundation learning about the campaign. What a trip!

Shutter Sisters Oasis : Registration is open for our next Shutter Sisters event. Seriously, I can not wait until October. I hope you can join us!

Picture Black and White : I'm leading another class in the Picture Series at Big Picture Classes in May! I am super excited. It's been a while! It's a 30 prompt/60 day class and a percentage of the registration fee goes to benefit the Shot @ Life campaign!

Picture Color (self-paced) : Happy to announce that Picture Color is now being offered as a self-paced class. You can sign up anytime and start receiving daily prompts of colorful goodness. A great way to spend the spring with your camera.

Two Takes: This class I've been teaching with Bindu Wiles has been inspiring and enlightening. To share the process of not only presenting the prompts but also playing along with an intimate group of stellar women has been awesome. I have been loving it. (registration in now closed)

Spring Break in Mexico : Our annual trip to beautiful Baja Mexico is coming soon. The whole family is counting down the days.

Mirror Mirror : Awesome movie (just read my story at Disney Sisters). Super-fun Red Carpet premiere. Totally love that I had no idea at the time of seeing the film that an old friend of mine produced it. Hello. How hilarious and awesome is that?

Sierra : My new favorite Instagram edit.

Peanut Butter Cheerios : I am in love. For real.

How about you? Have you got your own list of what you're excited about? I'd love to hear all about it!


Oh! Oasis

Have you heard about Oasis yet? Oh yes! It is on! For all the details including when registration opens, check out the Oasis website!

Cannot wait to see you at Oasis.


photo fun times two

Remember how I said I was bursting at the seams with what's to come? Well, here's the first of a number of awesome things that will be happening in 2012.

I'd like to announce Two Takes;  the new photo-prompt experience I am hosting along side my photographer friend and creative cohort, Bindu Wiles. Yes, both Bindu and myself will be leading this photographic adventure which means double the fun, twice the inspiration and two unique ways of seeing the world and shooting it accordingly.

The most exciting thing about Two Takes for me has been creating it with a friend. And I can think of no one I'd rathering be sharing it with than Bindu. Why? Because within our friendship, I am learning so much about myself. And isn't that one of the marks of an invaluable connection? If you don't know Bindu, I urge you to take a peek at her blog and read her story. My guess is you'll love her as much as I do.

We are a self- proclaimed unlikey pair which is what makes our partnership and approach in creating Two Takes so unique and fun. I'm the Polly to her Anna. She's the Ethel to my Lucy. She makes me laugh and cry, she challenges the way I look at things, she inspires me and she makes me want to be both a better photographer and friend. We come from totally differenent backgrounds and different walks of life, live on opposite coasts, shoot different subject matter, in different styles and yet, in all these differences, we both know through our own experiences that art saves lives and that photography can be one of the greatest mediums there is when it comes to seeking and speaking our truth.

I cannot wait to begin this fascinating, fun, courageous, curious, lively, and challening photography adventure...together.

Won't you join us?

For all the details and how to register, please visit the Two Takes home page. 


a snapshot of the past


Rows from top to bottom: Camp Shutter Sisters, Alt Summit, Elevate the Everyday, Washington DC.

It's taken a while for this year to ramp back up for me over here. The last half of 2011 was of a fairly frenetic phase big projects coming to completion and so the start of 2012 has been a time to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I've settled in again to what feels like a steady and comfortable pace of daily life. Time to work, time to play and most of all, time to rest. And in that, I have had time to reflect.

I recognize and appreciate that I slowed down enough to really enjoy the holidays. I've spent many quiet weekends at home remembering the joy of just being. I gave myself the gift of being creatively recharged by attending the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. I spent some well-needed time away with my family.

Looking back at the "big stuff" of the past year, I'm amazed at all it held. Shutter Sisters hosted an awesome gathering for a fantastic group of shutter sisters that gathered from all over the world, which was a total dream come true for me.  I wrote another book which took so much of me for so many month and for which I am so proud. Myself, along with the community of Picture Inspiration, completed an inspiring year-long journey of photography and connection. 

Looking ahead, I am bursting at the seams with all the good stuff coming. But, the future is for the future. Right now, today, I'm appreciating all that's been.

Don't you find that taking a little time to look back gets you into the perfect frame of mind to then be able to look forward with more gratitude and excitement for what's to come? I'm feeling that right now.

So, won't you share a snapshot of your recent past with me?