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The Arrival of Elevate the Everyday

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to get a surprise visit from the FedEx truck on a Saturday morning. Especially when you're eagerly awaiting a special delivery like this.

Announcing the arrival of Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood.

Delivered an entire month earlier than was expected, I am admittedly caught a little off-guard and unprepared. I guess I know now how my parents felt when I was born; as my mother was giving birth to me, my father nearly missed it, because he was rushing to buy diapers. I came so unexpectedly early that they hadn't even thought to buy diapers yet, or so the story goes. 

I feel sort of the same way. I have been getting prepared for this book's arrival and planned on "being ready" in mid-July. In other words, I'm not really ready now. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? No due date is ever certain. That's just not the nature of the way things are born. And since birthing a book can be similar to birthing a baby, this all makes a lot of sense. 

I might not have all my ducks in a row (as I had hoped I would) but, the book is here, and the rumor is, it will be shipping to Amazon customers even before my author and promo copies are shipped out. Before my plans for the launch are in place. Before my website has been spruced up. Before all of my other big news surrounding the book can be revealed. *sigh* 

I guess the timing of things makes no matter. The rest will all come in due time. All that matters is the book is here and she is a beauty.

I am one proud mama.


fresh air

Recently I was fortunate enough to get an exhilerating and well-needed breath of fresh air. A change of scenary, breathtaking views, lush landscapes and dizzying heights where only the icing of the cake of exceptional company. And speaking of cake...the food was deeeelicious, the conversation inspiring and the adventure unforgettable.

My few days in Washinton was my kind of trip for sure! The kind where both my head and my heart could play together. A time when connection with friends and connecting the dots worked in perfect unison. I love it when that happens. And don't get me started on the photo ops!

I cherished every minute of my time with Stacy, Kayce, Mark, Cathy and Ali. What a trip!

It reminded me how important, beneficial and enlightening it is to get a little (or a lot) of fresh air once in a while.

Near or far, where have you traveled to lately to get some fresh air of your own? Do share!


Declaring Dream Day

In my last post, where I was almost too tired to think, I lamented about not giving myself me time during the prime time hours of my day. This is going to change. The time is now to make some schedule shifting. First thing on my agenda: slating Dream Day.

What is Dream Day? I’m glad you asked.

It all began when I recognized my dreaming disconnect. I believe in the power of dreams and that we are all deserving in having our dreams come true AND that it’s possible to manifest dreams, so those aren’t the issues. My concern arose from recognizing that although I dream—a lot—I squeeze dreaming in to the few minutes that I have moving from one thing to the next. I’ve been sticking my dreams into the tiny spaces and the short pauses in between all the other things going on in my life. There’s no crime in that but what I’d rather do is nurture my dreams. Take care of them. Tune in. Pay attention. Feed them, enjoy them and watch them grow.

Enter Dream Day: a day on the calendar where everything I do tends to my dreams.

Rules :

  1. Pre-schedule Dream Days into my calendar and honor those dates like I do other appointments
  2. Spend my “work hours” engaging only in activities that pertain to my dreams
  3. Allow for anything* and everything that will help me get closer to my dreams
  4. Let all the other things on my to-do list wait

*That could mean journaling or shooting pictures or brainstorming or making calls or sending emails but whatever I choose, it has to do with moving forward toward my dream(s)

.Is there work involved in Dream Days? Yes, there can be if you choose that route (I’m a sucker for work) but it’s the most fun kind of work there is! And taking this step is just the first one in creating my “dream scenario” where the things that nurture me and feed my spirit are put on the top of my to-do list once in a while, instead of last.

Would you like to join me by writing in a Dream Day into your calendar? Even just one to start! Believe me, I tried it and it was inspiring and totally energizing! Let’s support one another in our efforts to take care of ourselves and our dreams. What do you say?

And be sure to pop over to the Iam Enough Collaborative today. If you want a lesson in self-care, these women have it in spades!


me in last place


When I get into my high energy, super-charged, creative brainstorming modes it's almost as if nothing can stop me. I feel energized and excited, motivated and inspired. But I'm realizing more and more that during the times when I am most productive and prolific, I am actually exhausting myself. I'm pulled in a million directions and I carry too much all at once. I don't realize it at the time but I fatigue sometimes and now I know why.

Don't get me wrong, I'll take the super-charged version of myself over the lethargic, unmotivated me any day of the week, but the exhaustion hits me like a ton of bricks. Especially late at night when I am trying to squeeze in a blog post, for example.

I'm learning that this is what happens when I put off myself until the end of the day. I'm too tired to enjoy it. Waiting to do something for myself (like write a post here, read a book, get crafty, etc) means I'm usually far too tired to do it at all. Putting myself off really means that I am putting myself last (literally and figuratively).

I've been doing a lot of thinking about that lately. About not giving myself space to exhale, to rest, to muse, to play, to dream until it gets too late and I'm just too tired. I'm going to publish this post at the exact time I finish it so you can see what I mean.

I know I'm not alone here. If you're like me, this sounds familiar. I don't know about you, but I am getting so ready to make some changes around here. What about you? You in?


The evolution of enough

I remember very clearly those few moments right before I had these words painted directly on my chest. Every cell in my body was heightened. There was a clenching in my stomach and a tightening all around my throat. I knew it was a huge risk to state something that held such power, such certainty, such self-assuredness. What would it mean? What would people think? Was I really so sure? Regardless the questions racing through my head,  I knew that I had a chance to claim something for myself; something I desperately needed and so at that very moment—as they say—I felt the fear and did it anyway. And then in the next few hours that followed, I felt confident, sure and unshakeable. I had three little words like a shield protecting me from anything that might hurled my way at a time of such vulnerability. And I had a supportive and loving sisterhood around me. For a while I felt invincible.

That was just over two years ago. A lot can happen over two years. I’ve stretched and grown into my enoughness. I have been joined by a chorus of amazing, beautiful, diverse, courageous and strong voices. I have been questioned and pushed and yes, rattled. I have been broken down and I have been built back up. Both of my own doing and also at the hand of others. I have waxed and waned but through it all, even during my darkest nights, I come back to the three words that set me free and illuminated every part of my soul.

This place, this thing, this way of being isn’t the end of the road. The journey is long. This is a process. A practice. Or perhaps best said, an evolution. I will feel strong in the truth of my own enoughness on some days and I won’t on others. That’s OK. Because I do know that no matter what, I am who I am and I Am Enough. 


It's been quite some time since anyone has shared their story at the Self-Kindness Collaborative. It makes it that much sweeter to have a beautiful story from the amazing Meredith Winn to stoke the fires of enoughness today as we open up the doors to sharing more stories and celebrating being enough.

If you would like to share your story on the I am Enough Collaborative please send me an email. It would be an honor to hear from you. If you are here from the NOW YOU Workshop, welcome. I'm so glad you've come. I look forward to hearing from all of you eager to declare that you are enough. Because, you most certainly are.