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ignite at EVO 12


It was such an honor to be a part of EVO this year. Joining a stellar group of women in presenting the Ignite keynote was a highlight. The list includes Rachael Herrscher, Cecily Kellogg, Jyl Johnson Pattee, Beth Engleman, Lucrecer Braxton, Casey Mullins, Sheila Dowd, Jenny Eckton, and Jeannette Kaplun. See what I mean by stellar? I love these ladies and what they shared.

I shared my falling into the hot tub story as well as a few other memorable events. You know, nothing like sharing your most embarrassing moments to get your point across.

What have some of your summer highlights been?


goodness is growing

At the EVO conference last week, the awesome Devi Thomas of Shot@Life announced something spectacular. I am so honored to be a part of it and I want to invite you to join us in this very special blog relay for good.

Announcing the Blogust 2012.


For each comment you leave on one of the 31 bloggers posts in August, $20 gets donated by sponsors of Shot@Life. That means that you have the potential of giving $620 to Shot@Life just with your comments alone. That's the equivalent to you giving 31 children the life-saving vaccines that they need to get the shot at life they so deserve. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel so hopeful and so proud to be a part of such a growing wave of goodness.

Interested in hearing more about my first trip to EVO? I shared some highlights and more about the wave of goodness on the Shot@Life blog. It was an amazing trip!

And speaking of goodness, have you been keeping up with the I am Enough Collaborativethis month? Such inspiring stories by such brave women! Be sure to get your dose of enoughness while you're here.

SO, what's feeling good in your world this week?



During these busy days of lots of travel and lots of work, it's these small things that make such a difference for me. I love these kinds of daily reminders to say open, to be grateful, to hold on to love and to elevate the everyday.

What's making a difference for you these days?


In celebration of brave hearts


We usually celebrate the obvious things. Markers and milestones that are festive and fun (like birthdays and other big events) but sometimes there are things to celebrate that are happening below the surface. A shifting of something with in us, a private accomplishment, a personal decision we make for ourselves, the start of something new as we let go of something we no longer need (literally or figuratively).  Whatever it might be, I think it’s time we celebrate it.

When our internal struggles finally come to resolution through stretching, growing, clarity or letting go, it can be life-changing.  And even still, we choose not to share them. We downplay them.  We don’t mark the importance. But, these things deep within us?  They are worthy of celebration. We might not feel compelled to wear a crown or make a public declaration, but we can certainly choose to do something that marks the moment of something that is worth celebrating.

Whether we share it with the world (which can be really scary but often necessary and satisfying) or keep it to ourselves, it’s time we celebrate who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going and all the awesomely brave things we do along the way. Today, I urge you to look within yourself and discover what is longing to be celebrated.

Taking a risk? Completing something? Starting something? Opening yourself up? Declaring your enoughness? Stretching yourself? Sharing something vulnerable? Speaking your mind? Sharing your art? Seeking help? Letting go? Moving on? Taking care of yourself? Dreaming big? Making plans? Making a change? Challenging yourself?

I hold in my heart celebration for all of the courageous things we do everyday. It’s time to celebrate!

If you’d like to share something you’d like to celebrate, I encourage you to leave a comment here. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind and in your brave heart.


a twist of fate and Creative JOY


I think that the more seemingly out-of-the-blue something is, the more it may be meant-to-be.  In life, we all plug away to get to where we’re going. We plot and plan and walk the path. When opportunities arise from our requests or through hard work, it’s easy to make sense of it; we asked, we put effort in, we got results. But when something falls into your lap—something totally unexpected—that you couldn’t have seen coming? I take those things as signs.

Such was the opportunity to participate in the soon-coming Creative Joy Retreat. When I got word that Susannah Conway was likely unable to get her work visa in time to teach her retreat here in the states and that she and her partners Marianne Elliott and Jen Louden invited me to teach in her place, I was speechless, except for two little words:

Of course.

I can’t claim to know how and why the Universe does what it does. And although answers do reveal themselves sometimes as to the “whys”, they often come long after the fact. I don’t know why this came at the time that it did. But, as Colbie Caillat sings, Who I am to tell fate where it’s supposed to go?

I won’t deny that this was a tricky proposal. It meant that if I in fact did get the official word that I would be leading the photography part of this retreat, that the incredibly beautiful and amazingly talented Susannah would not be. It felt wrong. It still feels wrong; that after all of her dreaming and creating of this gathering, that she would not be allowed to come. But, since sometimes there is no explaining these kinds of disappointments (not now anyway), I am moving forward in Creative JOY both figuratively and literally. Susannah will not be there and although that makes me really sad, I will be there and that makes me really happy.

This wonderful opportunity fell right into my lap and I will not be taking it lightly. In fact, I’m considering it as an unexpected gift. One that I have chosen to receive and also to give. It’s been a sudden shift in focus and scheduling but I know that this all happened for a reason and the best thing I can do right now is allow it to be what it is meant to be.  Wonderful.

Although I know it’s last minute—the  Creative JOY retreat starts on  June 28th in New York—I’ve been told that there are a few spaces available. That means there’s a place for you, if you choose to claim it. Can you image how amazing that would be?